There’s Something About a Woman

Something I’ve been working on for a while… made me contemplate what it is about a woman that makes me wonder about a lot of things in this life. I don’t say it mainly because of the the individual that I am but because of the man/gentleman that I am, despite talks that people tell me here and there (true or not) but here it is… This one is without a doubt about a woman… may she be whoever or wherever she may be.
Hope y’all like it!….

There’s something about a smile that captivates the simplest of truths…
Such as the one who, smirk’s give out a simple pleasure that cannot be described or captioned
“That’s what I want,”

There’s something about woman with red lips that grasps a man’s attention
Engraving her image, her smile, her laugh in his mind
Whispering her name throughout the day.
Picturing her in his dreams at night
One cannot help but to wish to be the reason for that smile

There’s something about a kiss..
Although separated by two beings
Joined by the matrimony of harmony, sealed by a joint venture of two parties that without words, profess the interest implemented in each other that leads to a touch, to hold one closely and gearing up each others’ heartbeat
related to shocking the mind in what one cannot fully comprehend.

There’s something about a woman that I cannot help but to want to understand
Who’s hands tames even the most wildest of man…
This tiger…
But undoubtedly
She calls me Tigger…
Triggers to want to come from attacking to covering with kisses
From bites to nibbles…
Where the only thing left to do is Well… 

There’s something about her voice… doesn’t reprehend but compliments a strategic formality that only coexists between chaos and peace – where a peace of mind is
Apprehending her skin with a sensitive touch while whispering
I’d like you’d to be mine. 
Covered with the renown unconscious fact that only men can assimilate
When my first action is to protect

There’s something about it…
The remorseful sensation of every time we part ways
Separate days and nights
Understanding the right moves
Right grooves
Leaving an open bottle of Merlot 1973 
To go to waste and 
Here it is….
The intertwining series of events
That lead to this climactic finale
There’s something about a woman
A man will never understand
It’s the untold stories of those
Shipwrecked leaving him daunted in the abyss 
Thus the reason I leave it like this….


In The Beginning


There once was a time
Where the male race knew what it meant to be called “man”
Man was meant to rise to the image of the one 
MAN that rose out of the grave
Yet expectations of man went hand in hand with love…
Scarce across the globe
The infinite number of times that man failed to succeed God’s  expectations
huMANity would destroy one another
Wars and talks of war swarmed the land
Towers toppled 
Houses burning
Lives lost…
The heavens cried the loss of man
Lost in the rubble, man wakes up
With calmness in his breath, he brushes the dust off his clothes
Cleans the sweat off his brow
Looking towards the sky – he receiveshis name 
Many times you will fall
And yet you shall rise to fight again
Rise, not to man’s expectations but mine
Install in yourself the heart of a warrior, a lion who’s 
Out stretched arms will cover those with love and strength as I shall cover you. 
This is your beginning…
There was a time when..
Man fell, not willing to rise to the occasion which caused his end
But in the beginning…
After it all had ended
One knelt to be knighted so that he could rise again
In the beginning

In Your Eyes

I’m dumbfounded…

How the sun and the moon
Gaze upon your face
How I’m still thinking of those shutters
Those eye lashes that speak to me as the wind does tonight
Thus it was in your eyes I saw myself in

In your eyes I could see it all
When words weren’t enough
You would tell me everything with just a stare that
Penetrated the soul
Straight in the place I’d be in

And as the night passes
I dream about those eyes
Those eyes that glare at me with
Dispair, Maloncoly and I believe its because of me

For your eyes have left a trail
Down the path of my heart
Down the path of my skin
Its a small pain that tends to kick in
Like an asthma attack
Left breathless

But as the night flows on
I’ll keep rowing
For its something in your eyes
That keeps me going

So I won’t stop
Until God tells me enough
Thank you for your eyes
Thank you for your gaze
Your smile
Your everything…

Hold On

I saw myself today

The wind and trees were dancing hand in hand as the branches swayed from side to side

His face… my face…

So concentrated on the goal at hand

As if the most important thing was to keep going forward on that lonesome road

The trees bowed in line, such a feeling like walking through a row of soldiers, filling the sky with reds and yellows

Orange and greens gracing his path

A mixture of colors draped over him

Like wrapping a gift

He talks to the wind

“I am tired of this old feeling of not fitting in.” “I have grown sick of this lifestyle”

“ITS BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT OF THIS WORLD,” the sky boomed back

Such voice, coming down from the clouds

Arose every bit of life that was in the forest

Sending a shiver of electrical current down my spine


He lowered his head as the clouds filled the sky

With tears in his eyes and a quiver in his voice he said,

 “God!” he paces himself to keep from breaking

Trying to remain calm, although the pulse of his heart is aching

“I am overwhelmed by the weight, and I don’t know if I can keep going”

As his legs gave out, the ground absorbed the cascade from his eyes

“I tried.” The feeling of weakness obscuring his dreams

“But I’m unable to make it home. I can’t get to you!”

I screamed at the body slumped over on the ground, terrified life had slithered away with no way to be found

However, no sound collided with the trees, just the rhythm in my chest ceasing to exist with every heartbeat


The humming of the wind came to a stand still and the trees stood up

That existence of life when heaven gives rain on hot summer days in Texas

The clouds gave way to the radiant warm rays beaming from the…

Son of man, Son of David, Son of…

“My son, its okay; hold on to me!”

The thunderous voice kneels down at my side to become nothing but a mere whisper

Dad, is that you?

With soothing words He states,

“Something told me you might not make it,”

My eyes are closed, that manner of staring directly at the Son is blinding

My strength is gone but my body seems to be unwinding

He raised me up like a father raises his child when she is learning to walk

Such power but such tenderness, carefully lifting her up after she has fallen

 “I’ll be your strength to keep going,” He says to me

“So hold on to me and witness how like a river, this dry, rugged path will be flowing”

“We are going home”


I wake up to the sun shinning through my window sill


“A Man’s Prayer”

As I fell to the ground

I shook the blood and sweat off my face

Such a creature gnarling at me as it swarmed towards my space

So I closed my eyes and gathered enough strength to speak to Him whose always been there…

Dear Lord, I humble myself before you today

For I am no one but this world has given man the impression to be above God

And yet as my life flashes before my eyes all I see without surprise

Is a of glimpse of you standing next to your son

I pray for my family. That you may be with them wherever they go

I have forgotten to call but I bring them in the very pit of my soul.

I pray for the woman I love

Whom I will never get to say 

That I loved her and forever will for the rest of my days 

I beg you that in these cold dark nights 

You supply her with a warm breeze that will remind her of me

For even after death my heart for her will never break will never cease

Be with my enemies. Let them see your light

Which you have been the one who lit my path

Without you the only word I see is “death”

Because my world without you is the death of me

You are the limelight in the darkest night

And I’m just a plane waiting on you to guide its flight

Help me to keep fighting to the very end. Such words, such will, such grit will never seize to supply the bends of life itself

I can’t seem to break free from this demon whose glaring down at me

And if I am to get to you through it then I beg you

I beg you dear God

To help me smite this evil trapping me


Eyes as bright as flames, skin as black as night blazing down my path

So I closed my eyes dependent only on God’s  gaze alone 

I raise my sword and steady my breathing…


“Death is what has come for me without you. You are the limelight in this dark night. So guide this sword. As you give it flight”Image